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The soul of the women’s collection arose from menswear: traditional symbols of sophistication and tailoring are reinterpreted with femininity to meet the needs of the Kiton woman, on every occasion. Sober or casual, elegant or relaxed, the feminine universe is an experience that combines the aesthetics of shapes and silhouettes with the mastery of our tailors, whose skilled hands shape unique, fine textiles into beautiful garments.

100% Made in Italy women’s clothing

Luxury clothing for women by Kiton is a sacred tribute to versatility: from the search for the perfect formal dress to casual-chic outfits for women who always want to feel and look their best, each garment is cut by hand and can be customised in terms of materials and accessories. Starting with exclusive textiles traditionally used for menswear, embellished by inserts and details in suede, fur, cotton or leather, Kiton crafts sartorial masterpieces characterised by modern proportions and soft, flowing lines—timeless silhouettes that are comfortable but also sophisticated.

Business and casual chic outfits for women

From iconic double-breasted jackets with hand-sewn buttonholes and silk fabric linings, authentic must-have contemporary women’s business clothes, to soft double-cloth cashmere outerwear, and even sumptuous printed and plain colour silk dresses to brighten any look, not to mention the leisurewear line, by now an essential part of everyday wardrobes. All given a touch of feminine dégagé glamour.

“If you are beset by fear, you will never have much luck with beautiful wmen” - Ciro Paone


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